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20 Aug

One Small Yes Can Change your Life! Chapter 1


Posted by: Jeannie Stace-Smith

One Small Yes- Finding Your “Yes” Chapter 1

I am looking to add some different content to my blog, so along with blogging mortgage related information, I am also going to start blogging book reviews:)  So the book I started reading yesterday is called One Small Yes written by Misty Lown.  Here is my take on the first chapter.

What is the word yes?  The word yes is an initiator, an activator and a commitment you make to something tangible.  It can be a promise of the heart or a proclamation to the world!  If you say yes to something it leaves a mark on you, the people you touch and the world you live in.  So ask yourself, what kind of mark will you leave?  Everyone is called to leave a mark on this world and you are equipped with everything you need to leave this mark.  One small yes decision at a time helps you leave this mark, don’t have to do everything all at once.

What is your calling?  To find this think about what keeps you up at night, chases you in your sleep and plays at the edges of your waking thoughts, quietly nudging your attention.  What makes you happy and gets you fired up?  What is the one thing you would love to do if there were no time or money restrictions?  This is your calling!  A calling cannot be denied, it is hard-wired into your DNA.  If you are having an identity crisis maybe it is because you are doing something to do it instead of doing something you are.  Your calling is connected to who you are, not necessarily what you do.  To determine the difference between what you do write out a list of what you do daily (tasks).  Then write a list of who you are (core).  For example,  I help put people in mortgages (what) and I am an advisor (who).  Quote from the book “Your calling = the difference you were make to make in this world.”

You could potentially have beginner blocks when you start something new.  This is normal and necessary to reaffirm your calling.  Most achievers didn’t know what they were doing when they started out either.  The important thing is to continue to say yes, even when you don’t feel up to it.   You are going to make mistakes.  The important thing is to make them fast and learn from them.

There are many different personality traits out there.  Good google exercise.  It is important to understand that personality traits can be you best ally or your worst enemy during your one small yes journey.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to personality traits, you just need to know what your personality traits are and then create strategies to protect you from the downsides of these traits.


So start making those lists and saying yes to things that make you uncomfortable!!!!!

Jeannie Stace-Smith                                                                                                                                          Jeannie is a Mortgage Professional with DLC Kardia Mortgage in Calgary, AB.